Bangle wall hangings

Bangle wall hangings I love wearing accessories that match my outfit. But what do you do so when u have so many bangles of same color and you aren’t wearing them anymore? Well here is what you do with it – Bangle craft ! Yes! I bought these new glass bangles to materialize my bangle […]

Charming truffle boxes

Charming truffle boxes Thanksgiving candy for the guests with the activities or just a pleasant surprise for a loved one. Here, in principle, and all-purpose form of this charming truffle boxes. It is very easy and fast! In art you’ll find the recipe template. What is needed? White Paper scissors cardboard red ribbon toothpick Scotch […]

Easter basket

The heart rejoices the soul sings! And all because of an approaching wonderful holiday – Easter. It’s time to think about gifts relatives. What could be the best Easter goodies than a basket of Easter eggs with sweet Easter? Today I will tell you how to make a great Easter basket made of cardboard, but […]

Lilies of the tapes

 I offer you a wonderful master class on creating lilies of the tapes in the art kanzashi. These flowers are great for decorating hair clips and headbands. For work, we need: satin ribbon 5cm wide scissors  fishing line Beads  soldering-iron  thermo-gun Cut the ribbon into pieces the size of a 5 * 5 cm. On […]

Asters of cups

Great colors that can decorate the hall, villa, but you can put in a vase at home. And so to create a flower, we need 5-10 cups (to bud), 3 cups of green (for leaves and sepals) teip tape stick to the pedicel (this can be a wicker), scissors, a soldering iron. Cut away the […]